Gourmet Burger & Brew Kitchen

Quay Street – Princes Wharf, Auckland


Well well, where do I start? DO NOT BE FOOLED by their huge burgers. Came here on a Friday afternoon with a group of five. Menu looks good with a variety of burgers to choose from: from the standard beef, chicken and veggie burgers to the more unique ostrich and venison burgers, plus the healthier salads, you can always find something you like.

PROBLEM is, they can’t handle busy and stress. Everyone was waiting for at least one hour for their burgers. People were hungry, agitated, impatient by the 30mins mark. On top of that, orders were delivered to the wrong tables, so more customers were waiting for their burgers. And the burgers arrived at different times (about 30mins apart). There was no indication to let us know we’d have to wait that long for our burgers as we were ordering. No apologies either. We just kept getting told “5 more minutes” when we asked where our burgers were. A couple of us had already finished eating by then and because it was our lunch break they had to leave first.

Then all hell broke lose. One of the floor staff started having an argument with one of the chefs (possibly owner) in the kitchen. As the place is quite small all the customers could hear EVERYTHING. The chef was swearing and yelling and telling her to leave him alone. This carried on for a good few minutes then stopped. And it would start again. We were all shocked and thinking if we should leave, bearing in mind we had already waited for an hour for some burgers by then. At one point we considered calling the cops, as the fight sounded like it might end up with somebody getting hurt.

Finally my burger arrived, satay chicken, and it wasn’t even nice! The satay sauce tasted store bought with that tangy-ness in it (yuck! Satay sauce should taste peanut-ty and a bit sweet!). The chicken was dry and bland. The only good thing about it was the burger was huge, as I was starving by then, having to wait for a burger for over one hour!!! Other beef and ostrich burgers we ordered were of similar quality: dry patties and maybe only saved by the sauce.

Needless to say I will never go back. You should never have fights where your customers can hear you. You should apologise for making customers wait. You should at least give your customers an indication of possible delays. They may have improved by now, and I sincerely wish they have. You may think we should give them a chance, but considering what happened, once is more than enough for anyone. There are plenty of other burger places to choose from.

The 0.5 rating is only given to the size of the burgers, nothing more. Service was poor, food may look good, but it was very average.



Wong Girl


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