Hulucat Tea House

Anzac Ave, Auckland CBD

Anyone likes bubble tea? Seems like it’s quite popular these days. For those that don’t already know, the “bubbles” refer to the “pearls”, or tapioca, toppings that you can add to your flavoured milk tea. Tapioca is often used in Asian desserts. They’re chewy and clear, can be a little bit sweet but generally tasteless. But they do add that extra texture once you eat them while drinking your flavoured milk teas.

I’d go for chocolate or caramel milk tea if you’ve never tried them before. They’re basically like milkshakes with a bit of tea taste. If you don’t like them too sweet you can ask for half or quarter sugar.

Hulucat Tea House is one of the better places that make a good milk tea. There are a lot of flavours to choose from: chocolate, caramel, honey dew, green tea, taro, strawberry, almond, to name a few. They also do rice and noodle dishes, plus a few snacks like chips and nuggets. They’ve changed owners recently so they don’t make the much loved chocolate or coconut thick toast anymore. They do have waffles with icecream although presentation is wow the waffles aren’t. Best to stick with their snacks and milk tea. It’s a good place to hang out, either for an afternoon with a few friends or right before you go partying in town!



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