Sharaku Japanese Restaurant

Auckland – Bottom of Queen Street

This restaurant has been around for many many years. They’ve changed owners but the quality and taste has not changed. It’s kinda hidden inside a mall-like building, where the building entrance is next to a souvenir shop and Pandoro on Queen Street. One problem is parking. It’s damn difficult to find that anytime in CBD, unless if you can afford to park inside Tournament.

It’s well worth a visit though. Their beef tataki is done perfectly: seared and rare in the middle, topped with a tasty dressing and served with salad. Nabeyaki udon is to die for. It’s served in a casserole dish so it’s piping hot. The noodles is cooked just right and the soup is divine. Tempura prawn and veggies are served on the side so they are fresh and crunchy. Best eaten with a little bit of chilli powder and don’t forget to finish off the soup! Sushi and sashimi are so fresh you can’t stop eating! Make sure you leave a bit of room for their green tea icecream, made on site not store bought.


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