Fresh Cafe

High Street – Auckland CBD

So being a “sweetie” myself of course the appropriate second review is on dessert. Stumbled upon this cafe on High Street on a Friday night after dinner. We were attracted by the colourful mouth-watering pictures of their dessert on the menu outside. So in we go.

We were immediately greeted by the staff there and were directed to sit outside (covered). The place is small with just over 10 tables. The staff came to explain about what’s on the menu and emphasised the fact that the dessert are very popular in Korea, and they make them fresh here. On the menu there are thick toasts topped with various flavours of icecream and sauces. There is also shaved ice, which is a great way to finish off a meal. Our chocolate and strawberry toasts were delicious with the toppings and filling. They use Nutella chocolate spread! Bear in mind though that the bread is not actually toasted. It tasted pan fried. Nothing wrong with that though. My favourites are the fresh mango shaved ice and hazelnut flavoured coffee. Both worth going for if you feel like something smaller or not as filling. If you feel more like a slice then you can also choose from the cabinet. Lots of varieties there too.

Gotta say that I quite like the decor of this cafe. Very boutique style. They also do $10 lunch specials which includes a burger and a coffee (what a deal!). If you’re there for a meal then they also have a separate savoury menu. It’s a neat little place for that afternoon catch-up with your friends.


Wong Girl


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